The best resources for leaders of large, full-service firms are leaders of other large, full-service firms.

The Realty Alliance is the only organization of ONLY the top leaders from the top firms across all brands.

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Real Solutions. Real Camraderie.

In The Realty Alliance (TRA), top executives from the largest, most-successful brokerages harness the power of collaboration, kinship, and high-caliber content in an atmosphere of trust and support. What makes TRA so exceptional is that it's made up of the very best problem-solving, obstacle-overcoming, clear-eyed real estate leaders.

Equipping everyone on the team, not just those at the top.

However, TRA isn't just for principals and owners. All our resources are available to everyone in each member company, all covered by a single dues amount. These "specialty groups present the perfect opportunity for department heads - CFOs, HR, CIOs, marketing, recruiting, training - and affiliated business leaders - title, insurance, property management, mortgage, commercial - to spend time exchanging solutions, ideas and intel with the best and brightest across North America who serve in equivalent roles for firms that operate at their same (huge) scale.


Our Secret? No Secrets.

If there's competition within TRA, it's to see who can be the most helpful to other members. Owners and top-level executives find their peers within TRA to be their most supportive community - and perhaps the only one that really understands the unique challenges and opportunities mega-firms who provide lots of support to their salesforces.

'Forum' Format Delivers.

These relationships among decision makers are the lifeblood of TRA and are nurtured in what TRA calls "Forums." Forums are roll-up-your-sleeves, in-depth, idea-sharing, benchmarking, problem-solving sessions for owners and principals that meet in person twice each year. These highly practical, carefully selected groups support a candid and lively exchange of ideas in an environment of trust and confidentiality. All leaders are used to giving, but in this setting they're "getting" just as much - and getting more than they receive in any other setting or organization. Each Forum serves as a personal, expert board of advisors dedicated to helping you find solutions for problems an evaluate your current and future strategies.

Members of The Realty Alliance report that no other events bring together the best minds in the business like gatherings of The Realty Alliance - not franchise conventions, ownership group meetings, for-profit conferences, relocation networks or industry association meetings.

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Economies of Scale.

With the tremendous size and market scope of its membership, TRA is able to negotiate with vendors to secure better terms than even the largest real estate firms could negotiate on their own. Vendors seeking to gain critical mass also frequently make blanket discounts available to companies simply because they are members of TRA. Often the largest real estate companies trace most of their best ideas as coming from The Realty Alliance, and their favorite products and services as being introduced to them at The Realty Alliance - before their competition ever got word.

In the Know.

TRA constantly is navigating through the blizzard of economic, technology, and societal news and trends that could impact the real estate industry and large firms. Instead of waiting for periodic events to keep members informed, TRA delivers the right insights, alerts and forecasts at the right time. As opportunities and challenges arise throughout the year, TRA schedules free webinars, online discussions (by role and by topic), polls and surveys to help brokerage leaders pounce, dodge or pivot. Contact The Realty Alliance to start a conversation about whether your firm might be a good fit and exactly what your company needs not just to remain strong, but to move up to the next level.