Resilient Retreat Awarded $1000 Michael Saunders and Company Foundation Grant

Resilient Retreat received a $1,000 grant from the Michael Saunders and Company Foundation for training first responders and helping professionals during a time of critical need. Resilient Retreat is an innovative nonprofit with a mission to help those impacted by trauma and abuse.

September 28, 2023

They provide free, evidence-based programs to survivors of trauma and abuse, first responders, and helping professionals, to heal the impacts of trauma on the mind, body, and spirit. The grant provided by the Michael Saunders Foundation Grant will partially fund a four-part educational series for first responders and helping professionals, focusing on compassion fatigue, well-being during a natural disaster, self-care, healing-centered engagement, peer support, and leadership training. According to data from their 2022 reports, over 80% of professionals are currently experiencing compassion fatigue and 75% are experiencing burnout and secondary traumatic stress (PTSD for helpers). After participating in programs at Resilient Retreat, over 75% of participants reported an improvement in emotional regulation, 85% reported a decrease in burnout symptoms, and over 70% reported an improvement in compassion satisfaction. In 2022 Resilient Retreat provided training to 1,891 community members in 38 local organizations. The grant from the Michael Saunders and Company Foundation will provide essential training in our community, ensuring that those who need these vital skills and support will receive them.